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Welcome to "Austen Regency"

...a forum with a title that almost means nothing...

This project (for it’s not just a forum on Internet) is for everyone who is interested in the late 18th century and early 19th century, mostly the era that Jane Austen used for her novels but also the one she known, from her birth to her death, including the « Regency » period.
Therefore, the main period for this forum is 1770-1820 (Jane Austen was born in 1775 and died in 1817).

The point is to know how people used to live in that times, what kind of clothes they wore, what they would eat, where they lived… The whole thing being influenced of course by the world Jane Austen created for her novels (even though they are ironic or certainly as incredible as a novel has to be). To be short : all the things someone can need to portray at best a character that could have been imagined by Jane Austen herself and could be coming directly from one of her writings.

Don’t worry, “mostly” means that if someone is interested in the french “Empire” and not the English Regency, he or she is most welcome, every knowledge is good and useful.
Ideally we would like to create a re-enactment group, thanks to that forum.

Get to your quills ! And beware of those Miss Bingleys wanting to sharpen them…
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