Non-French speakers ? Over here !

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Non-French speakers ? Over here !

Message  Cymralle le Mar 28 Avr 2009 - 11:08

First of All : don't run away just because the forum is pink

Why are you speaking French ? Everybody knows nobody speaks French !!
This forum is mainly in French because well err... first I am French ("Whyyyyyyy whyyyyyyyyyyy ??"sob) and then because there are so many english forums, websites, groups ect. regarding the regency period and so few in French (well, can we say none ?) that I thought I may not be the only one crazy french woman who love rather the Regency period in its "english" version. And so, a french forum/website could be useful too.

The Curse of Napoleon
We, in France, are suffering from what we could call the "Curse of Napoleon". Napoleon was so important in our History that the people loving the Empire era mostly enjoy Napoleon wars, Napoleon battles, Napoleon clothes etc. To organize an Empire gathering is mainly to organize a military camp before the fight. That's... interesting, really, nice horses, nice military clothes... but, well, and what about the civilians ? In France, for the Empire period you mostly find military re-enactment groups (and too many ugly civilian clothes and gatherings). As far as I am concerned : the revolution, the Napoleon wars etc. are very important and interesting parts of our history but not those that I like to portray... (who says I am a coward ?).

And then you see all those Regency lovers in England, gathering in costumes for a cup of tea or a healthy picnic in the country and, well, I really enjoy that most, that and the world Jane Austen created in her novels that is so unique, ironic, clever... (You may notice I haven't talked about balls for I am not very keen of dancing but still, I admit I prefer balls than military camps). So I wanted to shout "Hey ! You coward little french guys who prefer tea to wars and civilian clothes to military one ! Don't hide ! Come on ! This forum is for you !"

Why a forum ?
In order not to just give my thoughts, articles etc. I decided not to make a website but a forum where everyone can share his knowledge and ask questions. And then I realised that well, maybe non-french speakers coming from all other the world (I am not at all a dreamer... hum) would be interested in coming on that so lovely, warm and pink forum ? Who wouldn't ? So, be welcome, talk in English, ask for translations, it's ok !

I din't know that Hugh Laurie was so hot in 19th century clothes
Well, then you should see him in Black Adder II... (*chuckles chuckles*)
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