Messy map for non-french speakers

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Messy map for non-french speakers

Message  Cymralle le Mar 28 Avr 2009 - 12:07

Ok ok I know this is awful but as a matter of fact this forum is mainly in French. So why not just take a breath, accept it and try to handle with that ? I won't let you down, here is a little sort of a map to help you know what we speak about and where, so that you can find what you look for !
The forum is made of 10 categories :

1 : First Category "Vous prendrez bien une tasse de thé ?" is mainly for introductions, rules, welcome speech etc. It's made of 3 under categories :
- Mais où suis-je ? / Where am I ? >> Welcome speech and some explanations about the forum, what's its topic etc.
- Règles et bonnes manières indeed >> Rules and Guidelines.
- Nous n'avons pas été présentés >> Introductions and photos of members, introduction and history of your character (if you got one), a topic about who is interested by joining the re-enactment group.

2 : Second Category "Le Costume" : where we speak about the costume and accessories. There a 4 under categories :
- Tissu, accessoires et coquetterie >> about fabrics, accessories, make up and all that could be use to help you turn to a Regency figure.
- Le costume féminin >> about the female clothes : pictures, portraits, real gowns, articles about what to wear and when, our own costumes, movies costumes, useful links about costumes...
- Le costume masculin >> the same thing for men.
- Le costume masculin militaire >> about the military clothes.

3 : Third Category "Cuisine et sandwichs au concombre" : what do we eat and drink ?
There are 2 under categories :
- recettes >> recipes
- boissons à la mode >> fashionable drinks

4 : Fourth Category "Mobilier, vaisselle, architecture..." : fourniture, buildings, crockery...
3 under categories :
- Mobilier et décorations : fourniture and interior design
- Bâtiments, parcs et forêts : buildings, parks, wood...

5 : Fith Category "Mieux connaître la Regency" A category to better know the society and life of that period.
2 under categories :
- Moeurs et société : habits, lifestyle and society
- Au delà des frontières : and what about the other countries (e.g not Englang...)

6 : Sixth Category : Musique et distractions Music and Entertainment : what we do without Internet and Cinema ?
2 under categories :
- Musique et bals : Music and balls
- Lectures, cartes, théâtre... : readings, playing cards, theatre...

7 : Seventh Category "Jane Austen" : about Jane Austen
1 under category :
- L'auteur et ses oeuvres : about the writer and her writings.

8 : Eighth Category "In English please" Where to speak English if you don't really want to undersand this terrific map, don't dare go and post in the other categories and just want to ask a question or talk.
1 under category :
- Talks and dicussions.

9 : Ninth Category "Soyons outrageusement divers..." MiscellaneousTalks !
2 under categories
- Discussions Autres : all the discussions that doesn't fit in another part of the forum
- Les liens/sites super ! : All the links you want to share

10 : Tenth Category "Evènements et rencontres" : for gatherings, meetings and events, announcements etc.
1 under category ;
- Cottage and pique-nique
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